Used Strider Balance Bike - No Pedal (To Buy)

Used Strider Balance Bike - No Pedal (To Buy)

  • Adjustable Mini-Seat and handlebars fit kids from 18 mths to 3 years inclusive. 2 yr warranty

  • Superlight weight: 3 k.g. Easy for You and Your Toddler to Lift & Handle

  • Strider's exclusive Maintenance-Free Ultralight Wheels with cartridge sealed bearings. Guaranteed Never Flat Tires

  • The only bike or tricycle your child will ever need, all in one package. Never need stabilisers - Extra length seat post available separately for taller children aged 4 Plus

  • Built-in Launchpad Footrest with grip tape allows toddlers to develop advanced riding skills

All of our bikes are bought brand new and used on average between 10-20 times during their Airtots life. They are cleaned by hand with baby-sensitive products and inspected for safety between each use. Each item is in excellent condition and may have small cosmetic damage.

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