Get Your Order For Free!

Just take an awesome holiday photo and tag @Airtots on Instagram!

Each month we will select 1 winner and refund their order (up to £150)


What are we looking for?

We are all about helping make your travels fun and easy so you can thrive on your holiday. So a photo that shows you and your family having a ball on your holiday is ideal! Let people know in your comments how we have helped and if you can include our products in the photo then even better.

How it works?

Make sure you tag us @Airtots in the photo and mention us in your comments.

At the end of each month we review all the pictures we are tagged in that month and decide which one we think best reflects families thriving on holiday.

Any other T&Cs?

  1. The competition officially starts in July - anything posted after June 27th will be counted as July post.

  2. We will select 1 post each month.

  3. We will refund up to £150 of your order

  4. If the total paid is less than £150 we will refund you that total

What now?

If you haven’t already done so, place your Airtots order. If you have your order already then great, follow us on Instagram and get posting! Remember to tag us @airtots.