Plox Travel Box (To keep)

Plox Travel Box (To keep)


Plox is the creative way to play! This is a no-screen approach that unleashes the child’s imagination and opens their eyes to a whole new world - a world reached through artistic and creative play.

The complete travel box includes;

  • Travel journal

  • Activity booklet

  • Colouring book

  • Bag of ethics rucksack printed with illustrations

  • Fabric markers

  • Felt-tip pens

  • Pack branded playing cards

  • Sharpener

  • Pencil with rubber

  • Biro pen

This item is yours to keep!

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The contents of this box have been carefully selected with the express intention of sparking the interest and curiosity of young explorers.

An exciting holiday journal to record fond memories of their trips and expeditions, a bag to colour and customise and keep safe all their journey memorabilia and lots of prompts on what to look out for and how to pick out the highlights on their journey.

Above all, this box is an invitation to dive in to a whole new world and a perfect companion for all the adventures just waiting to be enjoyed along the way.