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We partner with London’s best hosts and hotels to ensure young families have a better stay.



Helping London host the World.

Excellent Service Provided, I recommend it to all families traveling with Children
— Cecilia

Let us help you welcome young families by providing all of the kit they need directly. Save the time and expense of buying, maintaining & storing family gear, and get more family bookings.

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What we do


Whether it is a buggy or a bath toy, we offer 100s of items to parents visiting London. We make holidays for parents better by ensuring that they no longer need to carry their entire home around the world, and have more than just the bare essentials when they arrive.


How it works


Your guests take 2-minutes on our site selecting everything they need. We then coordinate with the concierge or fit around your property cleaning schedule to deliver and collect everything, we can also meet your greeters or use key nests.




Holidays are about fun and flourishing as a family, so we make sure that kids on holiday have all the things that make home life fun. Things like bath toys, scooters, play mats and walkers.  

We keep our items clean and replaced regularly. The last thing you need to worry about is keeping your kiddie equipment up to scratch and the last thing parents want is to be worrying if their newborns bed is clean enough.


Increased Bookings & Better Ratings

We make your property more accessible for families, increasing your takings and improving the reviews that families give you as a host. Being 'Family Friendly' is increasingly important as new filters inform customers of what is accessible at your property. Partnering with Airtots ensures that you are not missing out. It is expensive to buy, maintain, clean and store baby equipment. Let us manage this all for you.


Happy little faces, coming your way.

Airtots is fantastic! They were able to provide us with a travel bed for our infant on a moment’s notice, arrived before we did. This is a great company, and we highly recommend it!
— Chris. NC, USA
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