How it all began.

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Once upon a time, when...

... for the third time I (Ben) did my neck in on holiday. The culprit, carrying too much clobber through airports, in and out of cars and up and down stairs. We all want to love our holiday, not just survive it, but when it comes to travelling with kids there is already so much stuff you need to take that you barely have space for your own stuff, let alone the things that really make life with little ones easier. 

So we decided to see what we could do to fix it by giving parents a way of coming to London without bringing half their home with them, and then making sure they have all they need for a holiday where they flourish as a family, not just survive. So be it an extra thick mattress for the travel cot, toys for the bath, a scooter to zoom around on or just a buggy so you don't have to lug yours half way across the world, we are here to take the stress out of travel with kids. 

Co-founders: Ben (father of 2) & Matt (uncle to 3)

Co-founders: Ben (father of 2) & Matt (uncle to 3)


Our partners

When it comes to staying in someones else's home its often the host that can make or break your holiday. So we have teamed up with the best to make sure you don't have to sweat the small stuff and instead get going and make the most of your family holiday.


The team

We have an awesome network of parents from all around London who travel the world. Along with our customers they are the bedrock of the business. They mean we always know about the best and latest products as well as supplying us with top tips for doing life in London well with kids.